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“We cooperate with the most famous companies and farms in Greece and abroad.”
•At Nasopoulos we evaluate and choose our suppliers
according to the highest and most stringent standards. Our aim is for all of our products to meet the most demanding needs of each customer.
• Our suppliers are renowned Greek farms
and major foreign meat exporting companies that meet high standards of animal rearing and slaughter and adhere strictly to all the requirements of European legislation regarding safety and hygiene.
• The certification of our suppliers
and the choice of country of origin, combined with stringent daily controls at every stage of meat processing, guarantee the chain of quality.
We select renowned and certified Greek farms to ensure safety and hygiene from the point of slaughter to transportation of the final product. Nasopoulos supports Greek products and companies that stand out for their passion and expertise, and that over the years have gained the respect and trust of Greek consumers.
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With the aim of supplying the finest quality meat and meeting the needs of all our customers, we have built up strong relationships with the most renowned foreign companies, thus ensuring the highest standards of safety, quality and taste.
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Quality Meats


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